KEM Franchise Exhibition is the main tool to develop your franchise network in Greece! 

Almost 20 years now, well known brands had the opportunity to meet face to face their new franchisees and expand their network with great success. KEM attracts every year more than 7000 investors – visitors; who are ready to sign a Franchise contract with a successful franchise brand.

Join KEM Franchise Exhibition and develop your network in Greece!

Following the highly successful 2015 KEM Franchise Expo focuses on bringing together many high net worth investors and Franchisors, who want to build successful international and national network.

KEM upcoming events:

KEM Franchise Exhibition – Northern Greece

13 - 15 November 2015
Porto Palace Hotel

KEM International Franchise Exhibition – Athens

18 - 21 March 2016
MEC Mediterranean Exhibition Centre

Grow your business by participating at KEM International Franchise Exhibition

Greece today despite the financial crisis is still an evolved market with a dynamic and fast growing franchise sector that offers great opportunities for the development of international franchise chains. It is true that the crisis has rendered people more cautious with all kinds of investments, yet, franchise is still growing. More and more people in Greece intend to run a business but only as part of a big well-organized brand.

KEM International Franchise Expo plays a vital role as the main driving force of the franchise in Greece, as it attracts thousands of qualified visitors. KEM 2015 exhibitor’s turned to advantage the opportunities to come in contact with prospect investors and have signed new partnership agreements.

Greece has the highest percentage of self- employed people across Europe and is a dynamic franchise market!

Who will you meet at KEM?

• Meet highly motivated individuals who have researched franchising as a viable path to owning their own business.

• Whether they are single unit, or multi-unit buyers, KEM visitors are educated, engaged and serious about taking the next step. Many are self-funded or have immediate access to capital. There is no better way to grow your concept than personally interacting with these highly qualified attendees.

• Nearly 30% of KEM- Franchise Expo visitors are willing to become master franchisee buyers.
The above demonstrates that even in such times of economic pressures, visitors are ready to invest but only as a part of a well-established franchise brand since the franchise industry is resisting the crisis and maintains its turnover. These highly qualified entrepreneurs are interested in purchasing a brand name with international appeal, thus a concept from the international market.

• The KEM Franchise Expo delivers thousands of the highly qualified entrepreneurs you’re looking for - all in one place. And they’re eager to meet with you face-to-face

KEM’s excellent organization, the experience and expertise of its executives along with the services provided have led to success our participants.

 The sectors of the exhibiting companies are listed below:

 Food & Beverage (Snacks – Pastry Shops – Cafe)
 Clothing – Shoes – Accessories
 Health & Beauty – Personal Care - Cosmetics
 Service Provision
 Education & Training
 Home Furnishing
 Toys – Gifts
 Green Energy & Eco – friendly products
 Car Services
 Vending Machines

KEM International Franchise Exhibition will, also, be held under the auspices of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce, the Franchise Association of Greece, the European Franchise Federation (EFF) and the World Franchise Centre (WFC).



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